Call for investigation into trade of illegal croc ivory in Hong Kong

Call for investigation into trade of illegal croc ivory in Hong Kong

Talks continue over possible return of Hong Kong’s tiger to the conservation sector

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Animal lovers are calling for an investi더킹카지노gation into the trade of tiger cubs in Hong Kong to be opened after animal activists complained of their being ‘chase-killed.’

As many as 30 tiger cubs have been found illegally killed 카지노 사이트in two illegal tiger reserves, according to documents obtained by the Sunday People.

A spokesperson for WWF International, which is the Hong Kong-based organisation which campaigned for the tigers to be returned to the wild, says the authorities should follow up with an investigation into the matter.

He said: « Fearing that the tiger cubs in question were being chased in the hope that they would be destroyed for a market, animal rights activists approached the Wildlife Conservation Society’s conservation officer, Andrew Lai, about the issue.

« Lai said that he had received and was investigating the matter. There are three cubs in question and it’s possible that more may be killed before the wildlife police can do their work. »

Hong Kong has been dealin카지노 사이트g with an unprecedented tiger population and conservation crisis. In a bid to make up the shortfall of tigers in the wild, more tigers are being imported from India, China, Tanzania and Vietnam.

The Hong Kong government has taken the unusual step of creating a special committee to investigate the illegal trade, but the number of cases it investigates, and whether or not it makes any arrests or is persuaded to cooperate, is not yet clear.

In the past year, hundreds of tigers have been illegally imported from India, China, Tanzania and Vietnam. And even more are being smuggled to China to be killed.

Lai says the government wants to close this loophole by giving greater authority to wildlife officers to handle the process.

He added: « We do not have a criminal law against killing tigers, but we want to see a complete ban on the import of tiger carcasses. »

A spokesperson for the wildlife ministry declined to comment.

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The Daily Telegraph last week reported on the huge illegal trade of tiger cubs, after one tiger was killed outside a Hong Kong supermarket.